We, the members of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Parish, dedicate ourselves with joyful hearts to worship, witness and serve God and our community, through the many gifts we each receive, for the purpose of service.

Liturgical Ministries

Deacons –   The Men in the order of Deacons have under gone extensive training and are permanently Ordained to service to the Community thus freeing the Bishops and Priests to preach and teach.

Ministry of Lector – The Proclamation of the Liturgy of the Word is an essential part of the Mass.  Lectors attend special training and act as a representative of the community as they proclaim the readings.  Click here for Lectors’ schedule.

Lectors – Please click here:

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist – Parishioners who are trained and assigned to assist with the distribution of Communion at Mass.  Click here for EM’s schedule.

Altar Servers – girls and boys in the fourth grade and older who assist the Priests and Deacons at the altar for our celebrations of Eucharist.

Homebound – The Eucharistic Ministers also distribute Communion to the sick, the shut ins and those in Hospitals and Hospice care as assigned.

Hospitality Ministers – Men and Woman who welcome and greet all who attend Mass with a warm smile and personality.  As Jesus said in the scriptures, “anyone who is welcomed in my name welcomes me.”  They are an extension of the entire community and establish a warm atmosphere.

Ushers – are always ministers of hospitality looking to welcome strangers and they assist during the Mass with collections.

Music Ministry – This is a group of people with a gift of voice or playing instruments.  They compliment the Liturgy.  There are various groups and ages.  The music ranges from traditional to contemporary.

Leader of Song (Cantor) –  A person with a gifted voice who assists the assembly in Eucharistic celebrations through hymns, psalms and acclamations.  The Leader of Song encourages and enhances the participation of the congregation in signing.  They are under the direction of the Music Director.

Sacristan – This appointed Ministry ensures that the sanctuary is prepared for Liturgy.   This person is responsible for the Altar Linen Ministry.

Altar Linen Ministry – People who wash, iron and mend the altar linens and altar clothes.  They also adjust and mend the Altar Server Albs.

Baptismal Preparation – The couples help new parents feel welcome as they encourage all to share their faith and prepare them for the upcoming Baptism through 2 meetings.  They also assist at the Baptisms.

Wedding Preparation   – interview and help the engaged couple to be ready for the permanence of Catholic Sacramental Marriage.

  • Pre Cana – This team of couples under the direction of a Deacon prepares  sexuality, spirituality and additional topics through their training and personal experiences. 
  • FOCCUS – This is a tool to enable the engaged couple discern what gifts each brings to the marital relationship.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults – Is the formation process by which Adults are initiated into the Catholic Church.  It is a journey process of conversion for all involved.  The R.C.I.A. is a community event, it is the community initiating new members into itself, therefore all are witnesses  and sharers of their faith.  Sponsors are people called forth from the community to share and journey with those awaiting Baptism and those seeking the completion of Sacraments.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Age of Reason – is a process where un- baptized children of the age of reason journey in age appropriate growing into their faith through story telling, sharing, bible study and with their peers.  This process also allows children to journey toward completion of their sacraments at the Easter Vigil or Pentecost.

Music Director: Germaine Fontaine

The Rectory Religious Store

The Church store is open during regularly scheduled Mass hours. The Rectory store is open everyday during regular rectory hours.

We do not accept credit cards at this time.


When you or someone you love are not able to make it to Mass for an extended period of time, we would like to help you stay connected with our parish life by bringing Communion to you or your loved one, in your home. Please call the rectory to make arrangements.

Ministry of Consolation

Ministry of Consolation is a ministry that assists families in planning the funeral liturgies for their loved ones. For information about joining this ministry, please call the rectory.