Liturgical Memorial Fund

Many people like to express in a memorial their remembrance of the deceased. We memorialize them not only with Mass cards but also with contributions to the church. Many of our Liturgical accoutrements are expensive. For instance, a processional Cross can cost over $1000. Since this is usually too expensive for one person we are establishing a Liturgical memorial Fund so that each contribution can be combined for the cost of needed Liturgical accoutrements. If you would like to be inducted into the Liturgical Mass Fund please speak to the parish secretary before you purchase Liturgical articles.


I wish that:
We had enough money to continue our ability to repair/replace our HVAC system.  Our boilers are in much need of repair in the church and the parish center.  I hope that we are able to find enough funding so that we can continue to work on our a/c for the summer.

That the Chair Lift will find it’s way to completion.  It is important for easier access for some of us to reach the main church level without too much of a struggle.

If you would like to make a contribution to the WISH LIST you can either make your donation by sending a check directly to the parish office.  All donations are tax deductible and remember that no donation is too large.