Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Church

Things to do, watch and pray through Holy Week

How to make a Spiritual Communion   https://youtu.be/Gg0m9OLRzo

Knights of Columbus prayer for the pandemic   https://youtu.be/vD5Z1D1zwVQ

Divine Mercy Novena   https://youtu.be/p5TGfisOKMM

Glorious Mysteries   https://youtu.be/wLAmuyvXIgY

Joyful Mysteries     https://youtu.be/gcuMsQ3mTSw

Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary    https://youtu.be/cvnLfqT-qnM

Luminous Mysteries   https://youtu.be/dofLKtPIfkw

Stations of the Cross from the Holy Land      https://youtu.be/-uofRteUvhQ

Station by Alphonsus Ligouri    https://youtu.be/iEIvGC1WsbM

Stations by St. Francis of Assisi  https://youtu.be/oZ9om4YElns

Spiritual Communuon   https://youtu.be/_JpE527VbFI

Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mar y  https://youtu.be/1zPBwOQ5OnQ

Hail Holy Queen Prayer   https://youtu.be/1wfp1prlbQU

Holy Week explained in 3 minutes and overview         https://youtu.be/qdrPhxqRP9I

Watch Formed for Holy Week   https://watch.formed.org/holy-week-triduum

Morning Prayer for the Triduum   https://youtu.be/viOgHsXfe-k

Evening Prayer     https://youtu.be/eG8RAk6Ppmg

Wednesday Tenebrae Service    https://youtu.be/bDHEol4S6Q8

The Triduum explained, from get in the habits   https://youtu.be/2wZJjnCS6xw

How to pray through Holy Week   https://youtu.be/dzVPTNeIVdM

Good Friday explained  https://youtu.be/hS7XHev5eBI

A journey toward Easter with various Authors  https://youtu.be/hS7XHev5eBI

Virtual retreats from Ascension Press  , also on tube rub ehttps://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_UxEYKAJXRRmkcWMp4oYTHA


Here’s a connection to the AA Online website. They have online meetings planned.
All weekday and weekend Masses, meetings and non-essential activities in our parish are suspended or postponed through Tuesday, April 14th.  See the announcement below.

     Please use all the COVID – 19 safety measures

No Religious Ed Classes or activities until further notice

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